GREEK CONNECTION: Cycladic launches first ever flights between Greek Islands


First ever inter-island connection launched in Greece by Cycladic Airlines.

Cycladic, a new Greek airline, took the initiative to connect the busiest of the Greek islands with direct flights throughout the year. It is the first time an airline has attempted these much needed connections, as boats are the only way of connecting between the islands.

This airline is operated by Ifly SA, a name familiar to many in Greece, as it is the largest Greek private airline. With the launch of the inter-island flights, luxury becomes more approachable. Tickets will have reasonable price but potential passengers need to book as early as possible, since these planes can accommodate only 12 travellers at a time. Cycladic is using three new Cessna Grand Caravans that are flying in a lower altitude than the common commercial planes. This will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of the Greek islands and take pictures with the endless blue sea.

According to the website of Cycladic as of now, flights will depart from Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Heraklion, Paros, Rhodes, Syros and Athens. Milos will be added to the flight schedule next summer. Flights will last from 20 minutes up to over an hour, according to the destination.

With this new and remarkable initiative by Cycladic airlines, island hopping will be more attractive to tourists, as it will be time efficient with a luxury touch. It will also be a major benefit for Greek residents who want to experience fast and trustworthy connections between the islands of Greece.

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