Several countries have a signature drink that you are either sure to try when you travel or walk into a foreign restaurant. To improve your knowledge of drinks from around the world here are 80 drinks worth knowing.

  1. AguardienteColumbia

Aguardiente which is translated as ‘fire water’ is Columbia’s national drink. It is made from distilled sugar cane and some amount of aniseed. The alcohol content is 24%-29%.


  1. Akvavit- Denmark

Akvavit or Aquavit is translated as ‘water of life’ and is a drink significant to Scandinavian culture. The base spirit is distilled from potato or grain and soaked with spices and herbs. Before you get adventurous, know that the alcohol content of Akvavit is usually 40%. Skal!


  1. Araqi- Sudan

Drinking alcohol in these parts is illegal but some vendors still manage to distil and sell the liquor known as Araqi in Sudan. It is prepared by mixing dates, water, and yeast.


  1. Bajtra- Malta

Bajtra is a sweet and delicate drink made from the indigenous cactus fruit in Malta. The drink tastes just like the cactus fruit and also retains its enticing flavours. Bajtra can be found almost nowhere else but the beautiful island of Malta.


  1. Almdudler- Austria

When you are in Austria, you are sure to come across the national drink Almdudler. It is a sweet and carbonated beverage made from selected herbal extracts and fruits. It is a soft drink said to be second only to Coca-cola.


  1. Guinness- Ireland

This drink is quite popular across the world but originated from Ireland. Guinness is one of the most popular beer brands with a creamy taste and is much loved by consumers.


  1. Hinano- Tahiti

Tahiti is a wonderful place and Hinano is the national beer with a great history. It is a deluxe lager with a bitter taste and golden colour. The alcohol content is around 5% and consumers will enjoy a malty taste.


  1. Jenever- Netherlands

Jenever is made from juniper berry and is more popular in the Netherlands region than across the world. Before taking a sip of Jenever, it’s important to note that there are two types; young and old Jenever.


  1. Kriek- Belgium

Kriek is a Belgian style beer, made from fermenting a drink called lambic with sour morello cherries. Kriek is one of the most renowned Belgian fruity beers.


  1. Mate- Argentina

Mate drink is especially popular in Argentina. It is made using dry leaves of yerba mate and finally served in a calabash gourd with a metal straw.


  1. Maotai- China

The famous drink is distilled liquor made in a small town in China called Maotai. The primary ingredient of the drink is fermented sorghum. Maotai comes in great varieties and is a served at formal or important functions too. You can find Maotai being presented as a gift to foreign countries.


  1. Kumis- Mongolia

If you can’t tolerate the consumption of milk, then you should avoid Kumis. Kumis is a dairy product majorly sourced from a mare. Kumis has a slightly sour taste and a low percentage of alcohol.


  1. Guaro- Costa Rica

Guaro is common to areas around Costa Rica too. It is unique because it is slightly sweeter than other beers. You can identify Guaro as clear liquor distilled from the juices of the sweet plant sugar cane.


  1. Celtia– Tunisia

All the way from North Africa, this beer stands out as a unique lager beer. It is made with low fermentation and has an alcoholic percentage of 5%.


  1. Caipirinha- Brazil

When you are in Brazil, Caipirinha is the national cocktail you shouldn’t miss. It is made with sugarcane, sugar, and lime.


  1. Brandy Sour- Cyprus

Brandy sour is a catchy name for a mixed alcoholic cocktail indigenous to Cyprus. It is strongly flavoured and is often served with a slice of orange and cherry.


  1. Palinka- Hungary

Palinka is known as the Hungarian fruit brandy with a wonderful flavour. It is a strong alcoholic drink whose potency is masked by the sweet fragrance.


  1. Ouzo- Greece

Ouzo is closely associated with the Greek culture. Hence, it is the country’s most popular alcoholic beverage. It is anise-flavoured and commonly enjoyed with a plate of appetizers.


  1. Pisco- Chile

In Chile, this colourless brandy is made from the distillation of fermented grape juice. Pisco is extremely potent and served straight up to consumers.


  1. Sangria- Spain

Sangria is a punch which is considered as a beautiful drink. It usually contains red wine, chopped fresh fruit, orange juice, and brandy.


  1. Mango Lassi- India

The Mango Lassi is a creamy drink from India that can be prepared by blending mango, yoghurt, sugar, milk, and cardamom in a blender. It is ideal to complete a lovely day.


  1. Pina Colada – Puerto Rico

The Pina Colada is an exotic and sweet cocktail from Puerto Rico. Its ingredients are rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. Ice can be blended in to serve this magnificent cocktail.


  1. Mojito- Cuba

The Mojito is a traditional Cuban drink. It is simplistic but exotic with just five well-blended ingredients; sugar, lime juice, soda water, white rum, and mint.


  1. Martini – United States

The famous Martini cocktail is made with vermouth and gin and then garnished with a lemon twist or an olive. While you are in the United States, a Martini is always the safest way to go.


  1. Tequila – Mexico

You must have heard of the famous Tequila. It is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the blue agave plant. Mexico’s iconic Tequila is a best-selling drink around the world.


  1. Lemonade – Egypt

Everyone knows and loves lemonade but not all know it was first developed in Egypt. Lemonade is a sweetened beverage that is suitable for people of all ages. You can find lemon juice, water, honey, and other ingredients in regular lemonade.


  1. Gin and Tonic – England

Gin and tonic which is commonly known as G and T in most countries is a combination of gin and tonic water poured over ice.


  1. Champagne – France

Champagne is a drink of celebration which means sparkling wine. It is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes grown in France. Champagne is a classy drink.


  1. Coffee- Ethiopia

Coffee is a popular beverage known and consumed across the world. It was developed in tropical Africa, precisely in Ethiopia. Your regular morning coffee is made from roasted coffee beans.


  1. Saké – Japan

The Japanese do a lot of things with rice, including producing an alcoholic beverage known as Japanese rice wine, Sake. Sake is made from the fermentation of polished rice. You will find the beverage widely served in ceremonies in Japan.


  1. Es Kelapa Muda – Indonesia

Es Kelapa Muda is a deliciously sweet drink from Indonesia. It maximizes the use of the coconut fruit to produce a world popular beverage. Es Kelapa Muda is made from young coconut flesh, chilled or iced coconut water, and syrup.


  1. Dark ‘n’ Stormy – Bermuda

Dark ‘n’ Stormy is true to its name as a highball cocktail. The main ingredients are ginger beer and dark rum served over ice with an enticing slice of lime.


  1. Thai Iced Tea – Thailand

The beautiful country of Thailand is the home of the special Thai iced tea. It is a drink served either cold or hot and is derived from strongly brewed tea, milk, sugar, and other ingredients. It is typically found in restaurants that serve Thai food.


  1. Zobo – Nigeria

Zobo is a traditional beverage developed and greatly consumed in Nigeria. It is referred to as the Nigerian red wine with significant health benefits. Zobo is made from dried Roselle plant flowers with water, honey, pineapples, oranges, ginger, and other ingredients.


  1. Scotch Whisky – Scotland

Scotch whisky is not a new name. It is a famous drink made in Scotland. Scotch whisky undergoes a series of steps regulated by law before the final production. The drink brings warmth on a cold day.


  1. Raksi – Nepal

In Nepal, this traditional alcoholic beverage Raksi can be made at home. It is a clear but strong drink with a similar taste to the Japanese Sake. This similarity is mostly because both drinks are made from rice.


  1. Sujeonggwa- Korea

Sujeonggwa is a wonderful cinnamon punch from Korea. The drink is produced from dried persimmon and ginger.


  1. Teh Tarik – Malaysia

If you love tea, here is a tea special! Teh Tarik is the name derived from the pouring process of this hot milk tea beverage. It is delicious and a must have in these parts.


  1. Red Bull – Austria

Red bull is a common and widely popular energy drink made by an Austrian company. Several people across the world know and love the energy drink. You must be familiar with the slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’.


  1. Singani- Bolivia

Singani has been produced in Bolivia for over 500 years. It is made from distilled Alexandria grapes. The drink has a distinct flavour. You can enjoy Bolivia’s national drink at events such as weddings, birthday parties, festivals, and so on.


  1. Kossu (Vinna)- Finland

If you have ever visited Finland, then you must have heard of ‘vinna’ which translates to ‘booze’. Vinna is also used as a generic term for Kossu, the most popular spirit drink in Finland. It is a clear liquid with 38% alcohol.


  1. Changaa- Kenya

When you talk about illegal drinks, Changaa was once a prominent member of such groups. Changaa is a home-brewed spirit made from the distillation of maize, millet, and sorghum. It is indigenous to Kenya. Changaa is an extremely potent spirit; you want to be careful when drinking Changaa.


  1. Arrack- Sri Lanka

Arrack has an unstable origin, as it is produced in Southeast Asia. Sri Lanka is the largest producer of this alcoholic drink. The main ingredient used in its production is coconut.


  1. Kvass- Russia

Those who live in Russia and other Slavic nations will quickly tell you that the national drink is Kvass. Kvass is the only drink that can complete your experience on a Russian vacation. It is made from rye bread and flavoured with fruits like strawberry.


  1. Jungle Juice- Papua New Guinea

Jungle juice is an illegally sold and produced drink in Papua New Guinea. It is made from the fermentation of yeasts and other flavoured ingredients. It is a highly potent drink thought to be responsible for the increased crime rate in Papua New Guinea.


  1. Tuica– Romania

Tuica is a Romanian brandy made from the fermentation and distillation of plums. Its alcohol content is 24-65%. Tuica is produced during a specific time which is during early October to early December.


  1. Wadadli- Antigua

Antigua is a beautiful Island in the Caribbean nation. They are known for several spirits and brews. However, Wadadli is a common lager produced on the Island. It is light and simple.


  1. Chay- Azerbaijan

If you are a lover of tea you are in luck. Azerbaijan is known for its special tea or Chay, as it is usually called. It is freshly brewed and served hot and strong.


  1. Korn- Germany

Korn has been a part of Germany since the 15th century. It is a colourless beverage made from the fermentation of cereal grain seed. It contains 32-38% alcohol by volume. Korn is served neat and in shot glasses.


  1. Coca-Cola- United States

Coca-cola is a widely known soft drink with its origin in the United States. It is a soft drink made with carbonated water, sugar, caffeine and other ingredients. Coca-cola is highly refreshing but you should know that already.


  1. Shah Hawaash- Somalia

Shah Hawaash is a traditional drink and cultural tea of Somalia. The main ingredients are cardamom and cinnamon bark.


  1. Rum- Nicaragua

Rum is a popular alcoholic drink with a long history across several countries. Rum is distilled from sugar cane juice or molasses and is produced in different countries with a variation in grade. Nicaragua is known for the production of light Rum.


  1. Penderyn Whisky- Wales

Penderyn whisky is popularly called Welsh whisky. It is the most common alcoholic drink and the first to become commercially sold in Wales. It is a malt whisky from a single distillery.


  1. Mount Gay Rum- Barbados

Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum distillery in the world. That makes this handsome bottle of Rum legendary. You might have consumed this drink severally while in other countries as it is also popular across the world.


  1. Mastika- Macedonia

When you are in the Mediterranean region, you must indulge in the famous Mastika. It is an alcoholic drink made from plum, raisins, or grapes. It is served before meals with a selection of tasty small dishes in Macedonia.


  1. Chaas- Pakistan

Although this yoghurt-based drink is more common to the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan makes it even more special. Chaas is as delicious and healthy as drinks come. It is mainly yoghurt and flavours.


  1. Egg Soda- Vietnam

If you love an adventure with drinks, then the Egg Soda from Vietnam should be an exciting start. The primary ingredients in this sweet drink are egg yolk, club soda, and condensed milk.


  1. Kuche Kuche- Malawi

A night out in Malawi should bring you face to face with this liquor. Kuche Kuche is Malawi’s local brew.


  1. Belikin- Belize

Belize is a peculiar nation with much to offer visitors. Belikin is the national beer of Belize. Be sure to go for the light lager Belikin beer.


  1. Riga Black Balsam- Latvia

Balsam is a generic term used to describe herbal drinks with high alcohol content in the Northeastern European region. Latvian Balsam has the same foundations, but the botanicals are immersed into the spirit before mixing with other ingredients.


  1. Bedouin Tea- Syria

The Bedouin people are spread out across the Middle East. Their famous tea can be enjoyed when on a visit to Syria. The ingredients in this delicious tea include cinnamon bark, dried tea leaves, and raw sugar. While it is enjoyable, be sure to say no after the third cup.


  1. Brugal Rum- Dominican Republic

This handsome city offers you a variety of rums from their most prominent distilleries. Brugal rum comes in various types. They are generally potent and flavoured.


  1. Rooibos Tea- South Africa

Rooibos tea is a healthy drink with a distinct flavour developed in South Africa. It is made from the leaves of the Fabaceae plant family. Despite its inviting appearance when dark, Rooibos tea is best enjoyed with milk and sugar.


  1. Becherovka- Czech Republic

Becherovka is herbs and alcohol in a bottle. The drink is made from several herbs and spices, and it has an alcohol content of 38%. Becherovka is extremely helpful with digestion problems, so it might just be a lifesaver when you are in the Czech Republic.


  1. Seco Herrerano- Panama

This drink is considered as Panama’s national drink. It is made from the distillation of sugar cane juice. The taste is said to be exquisite.


  1. Brennivin- Iceland

Brennivin is almost synonymous with Iceland. It is popular across the nation and especially at important events. Brennivin is made from the fermentation of potato mash. It is processed with an alcohol content of 40%.


  1. Rhum Barbancourt- Haiti

This drink is commercially available in other countries, but you must know that it is considered one of the finest rums in the world. It is produced in Haiti and exported widely.


  1. Caesar Cocktail- Canada

If you ever considered a drink beautiful in appearance, then you must see the Caesar cocktail for yourself. This cocktail is made from a unique mixture of vodka, hot sauce, Caesar mix, and other ingredients. It is served in a glass with ice and a slice of lime.


  1. Maghrebi Mint Tea- Morocco

Maghrebi mint tea is a culturally significant drink in Morocco. It is made with spearmint leaves and sugar for a sweet taste. The drink is popular in surrounding areas.


  1. Chicha- Venuezela

Chicha is an alcoholic beverage processed from grains. It is served with ground cinnamon, ice, and a straw. Chicha is sold on the streets in Venezuela. It is sweet and refreshing.


  1. Ginjinha- Portugal

In Portugal, Ginjinha is produced by immersing ginja berries in alcohol with sugar and other ingredients. It is widely known and loved in this region.


  1. Palm wine- Philippines

This drink is processed from the sap of the palm tree. It has a characteristic white or cream colour and a sweet taste when served fresh. It is an alcoholic with popularity in regions like Africa.


  1. Mosi- Zambia

Mosi is the national beer of Zambia. It is a light lager famous for its pure rich taste. Mosi is produced by Zambian Breweries.


  1. Absinthe- Switzerland

This drink is an alcoholic beverage made from botanicals and flavoured with aniseed. It originated from Switzerland but gradually increased in popularity.


  1. Borovicka- Slovakia

Borovicka is a potent alcoholic beverage with a peculiar juniper flavour. It contains 40% of alcohol by volume and is identified by its white or golden colour and a taste similar to that of dry gin.


  1. Caffe Shakerato- Italy

Caffe Shakerato is a switched up version of the popular Italian Expresso. It is primarily made by mixing a shot of Expresso with ice cubes.


  1. Pisco Sour- Peru

Pisco sour is a cocktail from Peru, widely loved for its fruity taste and inviting appearance. The Pisco sour is made from sour citrus juice, egg whites and other ingredients.


  1. Brannvinn- Sweden

Brannvinn is plain colourless liquor distilled from potato or wood cellulose. It is alcoholic and popular in Sweden. It is usually flavoured with herbs and spices.


  1. Bubble Tea- Taiwan

Bubble tea is a non-alcoholic sweet tea from Taiwan. It contains several flavours, milk, sugar, and toppings. It has a delicious and creamy taste.


  1. Pinol- Ecuador

Pinol is the traditional beverage of Ecuador. It is a hot beverage made from barley flour, unrefined sugar, spices, and so on. It is delicious when consumed cold or hot.

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