Top 5 Royal Weddings in 2018


Seemingly, 2018 has been a wonderful and eventful year for royal families across the world. There have been blissful weddings and several new additions to royal homes.

Royal weddings are magical and have a way of getting everyone excited to see all the beauty and happiness that come with them. It is also a great time to see celebrities and wealthy guests turn up from all over the world. Let’s get to know the top 5 royal weddings in 2018.

5. Lord Ivar Mountbatten and James Coyle

Lord Ivar Mountbatten (R) and James Coyle (L) on their wedding day. | Photo Credit: Ivar Mountbatten/Instagram.

The first-ever same-sex marriage by a member of the royal family took place in September 2018. Lord Ivar is the third cousin to Queen Elizabeth II. The wedding was simplistic yet beautiful and attended by 60 guests of family and friends. Lord Ivar was walked down the aisle by his ex-wife Penny and mother of his three children.

4. Duchess Sophie of Wurttemberg and Count Maximilien of Andigne

Duchess Sophie of Wurttemberg and Count Maximilien of Andigne pictured with family members. | Photo Credit: Volvoretta Bod​as/Herzogliche Verwaltung/dpa/dana press.

This royal wedding took us all the way to Germany. Duchess Sophie and Count Maximilien tied the knot in October 2018 at Saint-Quirin church in the Castle of Tegernsee. It was a small ceremony that saw both German and French dignitaries. The Duchess looked stunning in her simple yet royal wedding gown.

3. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

Britain’s Princess Eugenie of  York and Jack Brooksbank in the White Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle. | Photo Credit: Alex Bramall/Buckingham Palace via AP.

The marriage between Princess Eugenie, a member of the British royal family and Jack Brooksbank was splendid and featured the gorgeous royal bride wearing all smiles during the event. The wedding took place on 12 October 2018 in the same chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married. As expected it was graced by royals, friends, and family.

2. Duke of Huescar, Fernando Fitz-James Stuart and Sofia Palazuelo

Sofia Barroso, Matilde Solis, Fernando Fitz-James Stuart, Sofia Palazuelo, Queen Sofia of Spain, King Simeon of Bulgary and her wife, Queen Margarita; el Duke of Alba and Ana de Orleans. | Photo by Pool via Getty Images.

While everyone was yet to have enough of Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding, Spain took us by surprise with yet more regal nuptials as the Duke of Huescar, Fernando Fitz-James Stuart, grandson to the late Duchess of Alba married his long-time girlfriend, Sofia Palazuelo.

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pictured in Buckingham Palace with the Queen and other royal family members. | Photo Credit: Alexi Lubomirski/Kensington Palace via AP)

This wedding can be described as the highlight of royal weddings for the year 2018. Although it took place on the 19th of May 2018, we remain excited by the couple. Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, said his vows with Meghan Markle an American and former actress. The wedding was exquisite, to say the least, with guests from all over the world. The event was attended by celebrities, royals, friends, and family. Meghan was dressed simply and elegantly.


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